About Carolyn Hefner

Growing Up With Teacups and Castles

About Carolyn Hefner

Never underestimate the experiences of a childhood, for me, they set the stage for event planning. Growing up in the countryside of Montana, I didn't have what children have today...I had MORE!

There were Castles

Having a passion for reading at an early age was solace for a time that  preceeded a televison in every home. I quickly learned all about castles and the kings and queens that inhabited them, their sprawling gardens with stone ivy walls, their balls and coronations, their grand kingdoms and servants that were faithful and true.

Growning up in the countryside of Montana meant that one had to be a little creative in their daily play. Thus, many a castle made of straw was built and with a little bit of imagination, it was not unsual during the course of a day to be both the queen of the vast land and then just moments later, be cast as the humble servant of the same kingdom!

Afternoon Tea Times

As a child, my vacation from the countryside was to visit my grandparents in the small city of Billings, Montana. Spending a few days there was a delight - my grandmother took me on the bus to shop or we would visit my grandfather who outfitted men in fine suits, ties and hats! My grandfather was the best dressed man I have ever met to date! 

 If our afternoons weren't spent shopping or shelling peas on the glider, then my grandmotehr and I would surely be visiting her neighbors for afternoon tea.This was when neighbors actually visited with their neighbors, knew the names of all their children and their children's children...a lost art of human intereaction in today's world!

These afternoon teas were absolutely enchanting. None of these neighborhood women were of great wealth, but their tea settings were those of royalty! Each took individual pride in displaying their fine china cups, their hand work in their fine linens, and their culinary talents for a crisp thin sugar cookie or a fine tartlet! These were the magical afternoons that planted seeds that would only blossom some years later.

The China Closet Today

It was many years later that all the pieces seemed to fall right into place - I wanted to create my imaginary china closet that was filled with the most incredible supply of ideas and details. When someone came to me and said, "I am having a party - WHAT do I do?"  I wanted to open up those doors and find the right piece of china, the perfect piece of linen, the settings that make the ordinary become extraordinary, an origianl creation or twist of an idea that would tickle someone's fancy.

The China Closet, founded in 1991, provides their clients with one of a kind experiences - the same magical experiences that simply began in a castle spun of straw!