Mother of the Bride

Jun 07, 2008
Mother of the Bride

With Sweden's flag blowing on the shores of Orchard Lake - it was all about blue and yellow details! This was a wonderful experience to have - working with someone who was in the event industry but not familiar with weddings. I felt that I brought a good sense of organization to this family's special day. The mother of the bride had so many original ideas in place - it was a matter of getting all the details in order so all could enjoy! Read More >>

Stephanie and Brad

May 03, 2008

Once again a family not only faced the usual challenges of planning a wedding but had the additional challenge of planning with a bride and groom living in Africa and planning "the dream" in Michigan. So with intermittent phone service, rare occasions of Internet access...the details were accomplished and "the dream" realized! Read More >>

Keiko and Don Muenk

Apr 05, 2008

Something simple was the request - something fabulous was the result! Read More >>

Kelly and Phil LaPointe

Nov 03, 2007

So when people ask me why I feel I need to stay at these events long into the night...this is why..."Having you at the ceremony and the reception as the "go to" lady took such a tremendous load off our shoulders, and allowed us to truly enjoy the evening, too. That particular aspect of your services is priceless." Read More >>

Lauren and Matt Kazin

Oct 27, 2007

The black and white color scheme of this wedding was a fun part of the planning! Starting with a one of a kind invitation with a sharp black envelope and the calligrapher using white ink for addressing to the black and white dance floor to the black and white ribbons on the candy bar! It was a great event! Read More >>

Susan and Peter Butler

Aug 25, 2007

An Asian inspired wedding that had so many fun surprises for the guests - the Chicago couple were truly one of the most romantic couples to work with! Blending cultures can make for an interesting and exciting event! Read More >>

Vanessa's 30th!

Jan 06, 2007

A SOS call from one of my favorite clients to help with her daughter's birthday party...ironically, the same birth date as we were off to plan a rock and rolling good time for this 30th birthday party! Read More >>

Fran Marie and Rich Silveri

Nov 11, 2006

When the guest list creeps about seven hundred guests...the details and the master plan had better be in perfect order! With music set on two stages, rooms flipped over from one setting to another - it is an event that takes team work...and I also remember we repaired a bridesmaid heel with super glue...there is no official list of the duties that arise on such a special day! Read More >>